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Festival Facts and Information

Q. Can I use my drone at your Festival to take Video & Pictures?

A. Drones are not allowed on Park District property to begin with, where the Festival is located. Furthermore, drones are banned by the Police and the FAA, who controls the air rights for the balloon field. So drones cannot be used on or near the Festival grounds under any circumstances. If they are used, it is likely they will be confiscated by the Police and there could be other penalties even including arrest. We highly discourage anyone from trying to use drones at or around the Festival grounds.

Q. Are coolers allowed?
A. No, coolers are not allowed. No glass, bottles or cans are allowed either. The only exception for this is for baby formula.

Q. Can I bring in outside food or drinks?
A. No, we do not allow outside food or beverages into the festival. The only exception is for those who have Celiac Disease or other serious food allergies or are nursing. The Eyes to the Skies Festival realizes the difficulties suffers. Unfortunately due to security reasons, the Festival does not typically allow outside food in. However, if you suffer from one of these and can provide some sort of doctors note, the Festival will allow you to bring a small, one person cooler in with food (for one person). Nursing mothers or the fathers are allowed to bring in baby formula for their infant.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Pets are not allowed unless it is a service animal.

Q. Are lawn chairs allowed?
A. Lawn chairs and blankets can be brought into the festival and used to watch balloons launches/inflations as well as all the music acts. People with lawn chairs should me mindful of the people around and behind them.

Q. Can I leave the Festival and come back that same day?
A. Yes, you can leave and have your hand stamped at the exit. This stamp will allow you to return without paying another admission.

Q. Is there an additional charge to see the musical entertainment?
A. No all musical entertainment on both stages is included in the Festival admission.

Q. Where can I park?
A. Please visit our  Admissions and Parking Page for an updated list of parking lots that include shuttle service.

Q. I came to see the hot air balloons and/or fireworks, this was unavailable today. Can I get my admission refunded?
A. Sorry, no refunds for any reason.

Q. Are there any free admission days?
A. When the Festival date falls on the actual holiday, July 4th; Lisle residents can enter the Festival for free (with ID proving residency) on July 4th until 3:00 pm. Veterans and active military can enter the Festival for free (with ID) on July 4th.

Q. Can wheelchairs be rented at the Festival?
A. No, currently this service is not available.

Q. Where is the lost & found?
A. During the festival the lost & found is located at the Headquarters Trailer in front of the Lisle Senior High School building behind the food court. After the festival the lost & found is located at the Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau. You can reach them at 630-769-1000 to check for missing items.


Q. Are the balloons on site all day?
A. No, balloons are visible at 5:30 am and 6:30 pm weather permitting for launches. Balloon glows are at 8:15 pm weather permitting. Click here for the schedule.

Q. Do I have to pay the admission to watch the morning balloon launch?
A. No, admission is free for the morning balloon launch.

Q. Why aren’t the balloons visible all day?
A. Hot air balloons are wind and weather dependent. The calm winds necessary for balloons are only found at sunrise and for the next 2 hours and the two hours before sunset.  (when the sun is low on the horizon).

Q. Can I ride in a hot air balloon?
A. Yes, tethered rides are available at an additional cost from 6:00 am – 9:00 am and 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm each day weather permitting. Rides are on a first-come, first serve basis and can be cancelled without notice and may be curtailed by the pilot for safety reasons at any time. There are two tethered balloon rides available. Those east of the river are for individuals with disabilities. This is the Serena’s Song balloon (blue with a white handicap symbol on it). This is a wheel chair accessible balloon and is managed by the staff from SEASPAR and is free to those individuals. The other tethered ride is for the general public and is located on the balloon field.It raises up allowing you to take pictures and then comes back down.

Q. Where are the tethered rides located?
A. Tether rides are on the balloon field, just west of the creek.

Q. How long is a tethered ride?
A. 3 to 5 minutes (much like the carnival rides).

Q. How high does the tethered balloon go up?
A. Tethered ride can be anywhere between 20-80 ft depending on the winds.  The pilot will make that decision at the time of the tether.

Q. How much does a tethered balloon ride cost?
A. Rides are $20 per person. Children, 12 years and under need an adult to be with them.

Q. Can I ride on a hot air balloon that flies into or out of the festival?
A. Unfortunately due to insurance both on the festival as well as with the balloonists, we are unable to offer standard balloon rides.

Q. Can I walk onto the balloon field to see a balloon up close and talk to pilots?
A. Yes, with conditions. The field may be open to spectators depending on safety factors.  Weather and balloon activities will dictate and the announcer will notify the spectators when the field is open.


Q. I only want to get into the carnival not the Festival. Do I have to pay the Festival admission?
A. No, you can enter the carnival for free. You must enter the carnival through the West Gate entrance (off the Yackley Ave. side). Carnival entrance is not permitted from the East or North Gate entrance.

Q. How much are carnival ride tickets and how many will I need for each ride.
A. Carnival ride tickets are $1 each and each ride takes between 3-5 tickets.

Q. Are there any discount carnival tickets available?
A. Mega Passes are available (good for all days of the carnival). Mega Passes can be purchased in advance on-line or purchased at the carnival.

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